How to choose stock brokerage firm in india  


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Choosing a Brokerage Partner:

just follow following steps :

1. Interview online brokers: Don’t rely on a tip from a friend or neighbor. The right brokerage service can make the difference between financial success and failure. Before choosing an online brokerage, ask about details like pricing and the available investment choices. Find out about the customer service they provide and whether or not they offer resources for education and research. Finally, find out about their security practices.

2. Decide which brokerage tools are important to you: I trade with FYERS(online stockbroking firm) which is one of the finest discount stockbroking firms in India. You can start your trading account with them. Depending on the amount of experience you have, you may require different levels of service from an online brokerage service. Some services offer personal advice, which may be beneficial to beginners.

3. Work with a discount service if you have more experience: If you can do all of the research yourself and don’t need personal advice from a broker, then consider working with a discount online brokerage. You can start with a smaller sum of money. Also, you have access to more investment choices. In addition to stocks, other investment choices may include options, mutual funds, exchange-traded funds, fixed income funds, bonds, certificates of deposit and retirement accounts.


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