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Developing smartphone apps are very good for the peoples who love to make money from home or who want to develop app for their own businesses. but now days many of the youngster’s are eager to make coding and programming as their carrier. but in 2017 this is not hard to code an Application / software ( basic ) in a single day. so without wasting time Let’s dive in.

World is going slowly slowly into the smartphones . so start Developing smartphone apps now.

Developing smartphone apps are suitable For – 

People who like to develop mobile apps for earning money or for their businesses.

Skills Required for Developing smartphone apps  – 

Today many online app maker tools are available which allows you to create mobile apps even if you don’t have any knowledge of Android or iOS programming.

To find online app maker tools, Google search “android app maker” or “ios app maker”. ( sometimes it crashes with heavy iOS app development. )

But if you have the knowledge of Android or iOS app programming it will be an advantage, but not necessary.

You must understand how mobile app stores work and how to market your app on them.

Time Required For Creating A Mobile App – 

Depends on the expertise of the app developer and scope of the app.

How to develop Android Apps ?

there are several of factors which will help you to develop this android apps. some of them are listed below.

1. Android Studio 1.3

The Android Studio is something which has always got a lot of love and attention over the years and has now become the IDE for Android app developers. Some of the updates include NDK C/C++ Support, new simultaneous visual layout builder and layout editor, improved to build performance and the new use of Vector images.

2. The Android Design Support Library :

The Android Design Support Library is brand new and available to all Android devices right from version 2.1 on wards. Together with widgets and views that implement numerous Material Design specifications and recommendations including Co-ordinator Layout, Tab Layout, Floating Action Buttons and more, there are exciting APIs available within his library.

3. App Permissions :

One of the most anticipated features among users of Android devices is the feature of app permissions. A user can now grant, deny or revoke previously granted permissions at his/her own will, rather than having no option but to grant all permissions required by an app to install it. Of course, where the Android app development is concerned, it presents a range of challenges. The developer must first confirm that the user has granted your app the necessary permission, and if not, alternative must be provided to the user.

4. Full App backup :

Unlike previously, if a user installs your app on another device, the app data is now automatically synchronized with the full app backup feature. It is available to the user as soon as he/she opens the app. Of course, the developer should specify what exactly needs to be backed up. To take maximum advantage of this feature, the android app must be built on the “target Sdk Version” set to 23 (Android M).

What about iOS ?

You can install OSX using Virtual Box (http://www.taranfx.com/install-s…) and then use XCode and the iPhone SDK to develop your app using the simulator.

However I’d strongly recommend not releasing an App without first testing it on a device, the simulator it not a substitute for actual device testing.

Also you may be at a disadvantage not actually owning an iPhone. Apple has very detailed human interface guidelines, and your users will expect things to work in a certain way. Unless you’ve fully experienced a large number of existing apps before (especially Apple’s own and some of the better quality apps), you may not be fully aware of the way these are implemented, and you’re app experience may suffer.

How To Monetize Android Apps and ios Apps –

1. Upload a free app on Android’s Play store and Apple’s App store. Monetize it with AdMob, Google’s mobile advertising network.

2. Upload a paid app, set some initial price for downloading the app.

3. More people will download your app more money you will make.

4. You can also promote affiliate products through your app and earn extra commissions.

Enjoy Developing smartphone apps and Happy earning’s.

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