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Being famous on internet is not hard stuff at all. because we are not in 90’s where we don’t have Facebook , Twitter , Instagram , YouTube , etc. with the help of those amazing tool’s you are gonna famous on internet. there are many ways to become internet famous. Just follow some of this steps to become internet famous.

Following are some of the Step’s, which will help you can become internet famous :

Step 1 : Know your Weapon first :

5 Steps to become internet famous under 6 month's

when you are about to choose your online weapon you have to select Your category first. category means the part of internet for which you want to be famous for. Like, if you want to be famous on Instagram then there is no necessity of Computer. so You have to choose your weapon for internet fame.

  • Choosing smartphone is better for Social media fame. it is very easy Access your all Social media platform.
  • If you want fame for long lasting time, then you can try Your luck in Blogging. which requires Computer.
  • If you want to be famous using YouTube then you need to use Good camera’s to shoot video’s. or you must have Good software’s to perform Good editing of your Video’s.

Step 2 : Choosing thing which makes you Famous :

when it comes to choosing thing which makes you famous then you have a lot of categories. Like ,

Social Media Star : this type of category contains Facebook , twitter , Instagram , Twitch , and much more. You just have to select Your platform by which you can spread Your own image through out the internet.

Vlogger : Vlogging is also emerging category when it comes to video’s. so You have to use YouTube , Vimeo , or you can create own Vlog website to be famous on internet.

Video + Blog = Vlog.

Blogger : If you have good writing skills and if you love to help other peoples around the internet then, this is very good category for you. which will make you instantly famous through internet. because , if somebody can help you through their content Like Wikipedia then you can remember their name for long.

E-Book’s : you can be famous author by writing e-books. but only if you have good sense about what you are writing. To become successful writer you don’t need to be good at writing. but, you must have clear Idea about ” What you are writing ? and what you have to give message to the reader “.

Photography : this is also one of the best category which will makes you famous instantly. like photographer’s have very big platform like Instagram. ( on which they can make money too ). with the help of good camera and best photography skill’s you can be famous in no time. if you are good at sharing other’s photos through the Instagram then you can become internet famous in very short time. You just have to use proper tag’s for images.

Some of the similar categories to become internet famous :

  • Fashion photography.
  • Nature photography.
  • Travel photography.
  • historical photography.

Step 3 : Follow you Icon’s :

well , this step seems to be copy cat ones. because, in this step i am going to tell you that ” follow footprints “. because , celebrities on internet somehow know’s that ” how to be famous on internet “. and You can also be famous like them in no time by following them. because they also become internet famous with hard work in short time.

see some of the examples here :

  • Venetian Princess (YouTube), Community Channel (YouTube), Chris Pirillo (tech), Reg Saddler (@Zaibatsu on Twitter), Jimmy Wales (Wikipedia), iJustine (viral video comedienne), Chiara Ferragni (the blonde salad blog), JulesDiaries (fashion blogger), Perez Hilton (gossip blogger), Kyle MacDonald (the red paperclip trader), etc.
  • See also Wikipedia’s list of YouTube celebrities at: List of Famous YouTuber’s .

Step 4  : Be Available to your FAN’s :

Means, like i said before. you have to be available to anyone and everyone who knocks your door. means reply everyone who want to talk to you. and solve their problem and try your best. because , once you help them they are gonna be your fan for long period. and they can tweet and spread the word for you. if you follow this step’s you can easily become internet famous .

  • Be prepared to keep delivering what the people following you keep wanting! Be consistent and don’t leave them waiting.
  • and if you don’t like idea of being active all the time. then just forgot about your being internet fame dream.

Step 5 : Get space for you :

if you really want to be famous on internet then you need to get some space on it. means you have to get good blog with your brand name. like if you blog with sweet_kitty , or Bad_boy then you have to make your blog on similar domain name. which will make your fan base easily connect to you. which is very important to build your fan base. You can create blog for free on WordPress or Blogger or on any platform. reason for blog is only to get in touch with your fan’s.

  • Update your site with new audio and video clips as often as you can. Give your visitors stuff! For example, give them video, streaming audio, images for their PSP, etc. If you want to offer rich content, you’re going to have to spend a lot of time and a little bit of money, but it’s worth it.
  • Give them what they want and they makes you or you can become internet famous .

Last word’s :

Being famous on internet is not easy stuff. because you have to give your 100% to your profile on internet. which leads you towards success. and if you are choosing social media fame then there are alot of other’s who are already in competition. and the big boy’s too. but, that does not mean that you have to loose hope. because, every star does a little start at first and internet automatically pay’s back its effort’s.

  • Task is not easy so never loose hope.
  • Create unique and engaging content to get on top fast.
  • Stay on ground to maintain your fame and luck.
  • Keep them coming back for more.

What Makes People Internet Famous?

Some Internet fame, like McKayla Maroney and Ridiculously Photogenic Guy is accidental. But, these three have achieved fame by doing something others aren’t prepared to do.

  • Perez Hilton : Known for dishing celebrity gossip, no matter how embarrassing it may be.
  • Jenna Marbles : Known for running one of the most popular channels on YouTube, with nearly 13 million subscribers as of March 2014, comedian Jenna Mourey posts a video every week.
    • Her videos are funny, and are usually not safe for work, because they address subjects not everyone is willing to talk about, including:
      • Better Names for Body Parts
      • How to Trick People into Thinking You’re Good Looking
      • How to Avoid Talking to People You Don’t Want to Talk to
      • What Girls Do in the Car
      • Drunk Makeup Tutorial
  • Reality Steve: Reality TV blogger who leaks reality TV information.
    • Recently leaked information about The Bachelorette Season 10
    • Leaked information about The Bachelor Season 18



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