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like my other post’s about freelancing, this post is little bit lengthy. only because this is much and much important than other things about freelancing. other things like bidding to writing skills, create freelancer portfolio is also very important. so, here in this post we are going to find out Answer of serious question about freelancer .

 How to Create Freelancer Portfolio ?.

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Account For Payment Transaction ( this is very first step when you create freelancer portfolio ). –

Now, before proceeding. you must have an account in PayPal. because all money transactions from freelancing sites to you will happen via PayPal. If you don’t have PayPal account , open one. because it is very easy to open and link your credit/debit card or even bank account and thereon. very easy to handle. In place of PayPal, different freelancing sites also support money transfer through different third party site like escrow. but kindly check the site details for those if you have one such account for money transaction. But the best option is wire transfer (direct transfer to your bank account). because in this case, less money(commission) is deducted in comparison to third party sites like PayPal and others. That is because money is transferred to PayPal from freelancing sites. and then to your card or bank account but in wire transfer it is directly from freelancing sites to your back account. this is very first step when you create freelancer portfolio.

Communication Channel –

Though almost all sites have the facility of online chatting with clients. but having a Skype (a desktop software and even available as a mobile app) account for communication is must. Most clients prefer to chat via Skype, and clients are like God. Plus , you will be in touch with clients in future through Skype very easily. by pinging them from time to time asking about how the project is running. and requesting them for recommending you to people around them. and select you for future projects and so on. But I personally prefer to chat via freelancing sites. because you will have a record to things in the site. and It will be very handy when a conflict arise between you and your clients. say refusing to pay the money even if he/she had approved that your work is completed. In such cases, support team of freelancing sites goes through your work-stream/chat conversation. and release the money in favor of you . Anyways don’t even think of negativity. Prefer to chat via sites online chat system. and at the end of the project ask the Skype id of our client. Create freelancer portfolio which encourage peoples to approach you. which indirectly gives you lead.

Personal Profile –

Put your original name. Don’t put any fancy or unprofessional name. Instead of a name, if you put your self-owned company name, that wont be bad as well. But initially, I would recommend you to start as an individual. Once you have enough Feedback and reviews and a live (works you have already done for clients) portfolio. you can change your profile to your self-owned company. This is the ultimate trick. Because everyone knows individual offers cheap rates than branded company. especially when you are a beginner in it.
Put your address in such a way. so that at least people can understand the region, don’t go into too many details. City and Country will sufficient. You can put fake qualification to impress clients. The thing is that you are literally selling yourself. So, a little exaggeration is not a sin. Finally put a professional profile picture, keep your fancy photos and selfies away for social networking sites. Link your transaction account like PayPal or whatever option you have. Complete 100%. Don’t Create freelancer portfolio which is very personal. Create freelancer portfolio which also looks professional.

Professional Profile –

This is more important aspect. because before awarding you any job. your client will first visit your profile to find whether you are trustworthy and capable of doing the job.
First thing first . don’t put a very high hour rate. Keep it low to moderate and as you working experience and reviews and feedback start growing, you can increase it from time to time. So it is another trick to keep in mind.
Then another important feature is, some websites ask you to give a short bio about you. Don’t waste words explaining who you are. use the words to explain what you are and what you are capable of. List the skills and your experience in the field. Even if you have no practical work experience, putting up a certain year of experience will help your cause. This is vital to make the first impression proper so that they proceed to check your portfolio. So before writing the description about you, check a few best sellers in that particular website pertaining to your category. and merge a few popular profiles descriptions to make a new and best one for you.
Another point is that you have to choose your skill set. which would also be show to the clients. so don’t choose something where you have no idea. Always choose those skill set that are related to your category of work. Say, if you are a web developer, choose web designing, web development, U.I design, PHP, CakePHP, Javascript , jQuery. BUT suddenly don’t choose blogging. because that does not go well with your skill set. Once you become popular enough, you can always edit those skill set to showcase your multi-talents. For now, just be specific and follow one channel with its branches.

Showcase Portfolio ( Create freelancer portfolio which is mirror image of Yourself ). –

This is the most important part in setting up profile. and here you have chance to convince your client to the maximum extent and nail them. Even if you don’t have high class projects to showcase. download a few glossy screenshots and banners regarding popular projects and add understandable descriptions to describe it.
At least, show three big projects in your portfolio in the category where your expertise lies. And if possible make or download a doc for each project you showcase in your portfolio. so that when your clients ask anything about the projects you have done or show in portfolio. you can upload the doc and ask them to review it. This is a super cool trick to nail them further. Make/modify the doc (  how each page works with screenshot, database, languages used for the project) so that it is understood that you have done it.

What you think about ” How to Create Freelancer Portfolio ?”. Let’s us know in Comment box.

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