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Bidding on freelancer is nothing but skill. which you can get after some good bidding’s and ofcourse after Failure. because if you do not fail, then you will never know how to bid clever. so here in this short post. we are going to see some of the little tips on Bidding on freelancer.

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So without wasting time lets jump into Bidding on freelancer.

What Defines Success Vs Failure ?

This is the most powerful tool you have- Bidding. Therefore, I have made a separate chapter for this. First as a beginner do not waste your bids bidding in something that has lots of bidding. bid in the ones having low bids, because that’s where you have the maximum chances to get noticed. and a ping from the client side and getting various questions.

What you write in a paragraph (bidding description) while bidding, will distinguish a successful and an unsuccessful freelancer. Now it is important to find a powerful combination of words. like for example. hello, this is Sagar with 3 years of experience in web development and then ask them to check your portfolio. If you have ample reviews then also ask them to check your reviews. Then tell them how you are better than others. like I will provide 3 samples for your logo with different concepts and once you choose one. we can go for unlimited revisions. Don’t forget to include a few lies. like I am new to online freelancing, but I have done many local projects in our area like reservation system etc. I have nearly 3+ years of experience in this field with happy clients. End with regards and thank him/her.

If you are not an individual and representing a company. then don’t forget to put the link of your companies site in the bid description. So, you can understand that once you are a company yourself. a personal site is very important and how your own site is. it will make the impression on the client. So make that site very attractive and eye-catching. In the portfolio section of your site. always put link to the sites you have done. unless you do that it is kinda not cool but at times and places only screenshots will do it for you too. The better your site and contents are, the more it will justify your high bid and quality of work. the client may expect to receive. So live up-to it.

One tip for saving time is that you can keep you bidding . text ready in a text file and save in in your desktop, and while bidding you can just copy and paste the description. with slight modifications that may be needed.
Now with enormous bids received, clients cleverly and intuitively judge through interactions. who is going to be awarded the project. Lets address that now.

Summary :

  • Go for less Competitive projects.
  • Writing bid is very important aspect.
  • Don’t bother to tell little lie. ( to get ranked , this is fair. but, only little bit ).
  • Keep bidding on freelancer. which does not mean you have to waste all the bids. but you have to invest those bids on right project.

What you think about bidding on freelancer ? tell me in comment box .

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